Living and Growing Nursery is being pioneered by Gladys and Patrick Lydon, on the way to becoming an innovative Social Enterprise. Based on the edge of Callan, Co. Kilkenny, Living and Growing will grow plants that will bring joy to the souls of people, with organic methods that will bring joy to the natural environment!

After long and wonderful years in land-based intentional communities supporting people with disabilities, we are taking a step with Living and Growing to fulfilling a long-held dream.  We are aiming to continue our work in social inclusion in a new and exciting direction; providing gainful employment in nurturing and selling beautiful flowering plants grown in a harmonious garden in Co. Kilkenny.

The main focus of the nursery will be herbaceous perennials of many special sorts. After many years’ experience of growing flowers among much larger fields of vegetables we are making a shift to mainly flowers. With invaluable help from Tomás Roantree, our expert associate, and Gert and Elisabeth Stam of Caherhurley Nursery in Clare, we are looking forward to providing strong and healthy plants of very choice varieties.

A special interest of ours is in Hardy Annuals, a long-neglected area of gardening fashions. With a great appreciation of the Cottage Garden style, promoting an informal approach that fits well with organic cultivation, we will be offering Ireland’s widest variety of unusual annuals in the Bespoke Bedding section.

When the Covid-19 Restrictions allow us, we look forward to inviting you to see our fledgling nursery and look at all the flowers in bloom. So, Stay Safe in your own garden –until you have the chance to come and see what is beginning to thrive at Living and Growing!  We’ll be working hard to get plants to you in the healthiest possible way!

Our Team

Working together for people,
for plants and for the earth,
we hope to meet you soon!