Plant Care

Q. I notice some of these plants are not native to Ireland, are they suitable for Irish gardens / soil types?

Almost all garden plants are not native to Ireland but can thrive in the soil and climatic conditions that Ireland offers. All of our plants have been well tested in Ireland and have proven to be a great success. Individual gardeners need to have in mind their own particular conditions – exposure to wind, wet or dry soil, full sun or shady positions – when choosing plants but we provide a wide range that can fit different needs.

Q. Are any of your plants considered ‘invasive’?

No! Some will gently self-seed and others will spread generously, but none are invaders.

Online Purchasing (via this website)

Q. How long does it take to receive my plants?

In the combination of early summer season and careful precautions in line with Covid-19 regulations, we are arranging with individual customers for collection by appointment or personalized delivery. For the health of the plants, and people, we will make sure delivery does not damage the plants.

Off-line purchasing

Q. Can I purchase plant directly from your garden?

While we encourage you to use our website for maintaining safe distancing, it is possible to order and collect locally. This can be arranged by emailing or phoning us

Q. Do you accept credit card payments instead of cash?

Yes, we are fully equipped for online credit card payments and we are also establishing a cashless card payment system for people collecting and purchasing on site.

Safe trading Methods

Q. Do Living & Growing comply with Irish retail trading guidelines?

Yes. Living and Growing is joining the Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce and will adopt the best practice guidelines for retailers.

Reuse Recycle. (Environmental protection)

Q. How do you limit your use of plastic pots?

We are upset about all the plastic involved in gardening!
We encourage customers to return our pots for re-use next year. We are purchasing – with difficulty under the current circumstances – pots made of fully recycled plastic and are also investigating pots made of fibre that are fully bio-degradable, but these have other disadvantages.