Our Values

At the outset of something very new, we are committed to values that we have long nurtured and attempted to live by. We hope these will find new ways of expression in Living and Growing and connected activities.

We are committed to the well-being of people

Living and Growing will always be a small scale business and will be dedicated to plants and the natural environment, but most of all it will focus on bringing health and enjoyment to people – who might be involved as customers, visitors, working colleagues. We hope to foster a sense of community among everyone involved in Living and Growing.

We are committed to social inclusion on many levels

We love many colours of plants – and the multi-coloured varieties of being a human!  We hope to engage with people with many different interests and abilities, both as customers and working contributors.

We are committed to healthy approaches to our own local soil and to the wider natural environment

We are using organic methods of cultivation at all stages of producing our plants, and we are beginning the process toward full certification as organic producers. We will seek the most environmentally friendly options for packaging, for energy use, and for marketing. We look forward to any advice and support you can offer in finding new ways to protect and enhance the natural environment in our enterprise.

We are committed to bringing beauty and joy into our world

We aim to grow plants that will thrive in a wide variety of conditions in Ireland. We will be offering plants that are tried and tested in different local conditions, but we will also be experimenting with less familiar plants as well as exploring the market for native Irish wildflowers. Our special interest lies in less formal gardening in the cottage garden tradition, but we look forward to working with you to extend the range of what can make our world healthier and more beautiful!